Friday, 20 November 2015

Alien Letter MM

Dear saturn alien.

Hello how have you been doing on
your planet? My name is michael and i come from earth and it is cold and hot. Is it cold for you in saturn?Have you ever visited Earth you will hate it because it is your first time on earth and it does not feel like saturn because it is not that cold. How long does it take for you to get from saturn to Earth it must take long for you? How long does it take for you to go around saturn. Did you ever think of going to another planet it would of been great because you can see how they live their life?. If i visited  saturn i will want to see how they live in there planet. I learnt about how they orbit the sun and how far they are from the sun. I have learnt about most of the planets and most of the planets are different to the sun and I did not know that all the planets have gravity. I learnt that this spacecraft called Voyager was going past the planets and i learnt that it went pass  Pluto and it is still going.My life on earth is great because i get to study about lots of planets and i get to go lots of places and get to read about plantes.i get to go to the libary and i get to go and pick some more becasue so i can study about it.the most planets i study about is saturn and i use netbooks to study.
I wish you good luck so you can come and see me.

From Michael

This my world
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