Sunday, 20 August 2017


On saturday I was watching my brothers game at otahuhu college they were in the quarter final but they were very unlucky becuase they lost but it was still a good game after that we went to watch my sister netball game and they won.Then I went to watch auckland vs counties manukau it was very exciting going towards  the end of the game becuase auckland need a try or a penalty kick to win the game.Auckland almost scored but counties held the ball up and when the referee went to check the tmo the ball was held up and he asked if time was up and the tmo said yes and counties won the game.

after that I waited to watch the all blacks vs australia when the game started it was exciting because they  all blacks kept on attacking and busting through tackles which made space for the  other players.Australia took the lead then the all blacks striked back with a fantastic try which put them in the lead after that try all black kept on scoring which made them lead by halftime the score was 40-6.On second half it was australia turn to strike back and they scored three amazing tries on the all blacks then all blacks striked back with a combination try from ben smith to aaron smith then australia got two penalty kicks in by full time it was 54-32 but the all blacks were not playing liked the way they played on the first half.Image result for all blacksImage result for auckland rugbyImage result for auckland netball

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  1. Those were great details you included about the rugby games you watched this weekend, Michael. Maybe you could be a sports writer or a rugby commentator one day!! Remember to start your sentences and paragraphs with capital letters. Does your brother get to play another game next week? Or does that mean his season is over? Bet you can't wait til you're playing college rugby!