Friday, 20 October 2017

Rugby Reflection T4W1

Today we had rugby tournament and we were hyped to go to the tournament because we want to see how good the other teams are but their were only a few teams their which were Glen innes,Glen taylor,Glen bray and panmure bridge.
The first game we had was glen innes it was a great game but we beat them 35 to us and 0 to glen innes but some of them had good tackling but the boys managed to  defend and get the ball back to start attacking and score more tries.
Then we had 15 to 20 minutes to rest up.
The second game was challenging against glen bray but they were the only team that managed to score a try against us but we pulled out are great win.The score was 25 to 5.
Then we had rest again before we went to our next game.The third game was glen taylor which had some big boys too but we managed to come out with a glorious win the score was 15-0.
Then we had a bye which was 1 hour long which gave us time to rest up and eat and few drills.The fourth game was 
Panmure bridge.Which was a good game but we just kept scoring tries over them because we had the size advantage.We beat them by 55-0.

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