Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder Reflection

Today in the morning room 9,10,7 and 8  got ready to got to see the moive wonder in sylvia park hoyts because we have been reading the book for 2 terms so we can go watch the moive.

The thing that I enjoyed about the movie is that it  inspired others to think twice about judging other on what they look like because sometimes they good be fun like Auggie.

My favourite part in the moive was how Jack stood up for Auggie  when Julian was calling him a freak also how Auggie stood up for Jack when the 7th graders pushed him on the ground and he knocked his head on the rock.

The key message is never to judge someone on what they look like also not to look down on them because they look differnt and always be kind instead of being a bully.Also I learned if someo
ne different they still normal.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017


Today at technology today we had to do some paperwork to do with the equipment in the kitchen and other things.Also explaining what the equipment are used for and how they use it.Also we done some world scherch related to the cooking things and we had funny because most of us were engaged in the work because it was fun to do.Also it was challenging because we had to find out things that we didn’t know about and we had to figure things out but if we had a hard time finding out things we could ask mrs Heka.Mrs Heka was a cool teacher and funny that why I like her also she wants your work to get done.
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Friday, 10 November 2017

Michael Te Tuhi - Art Gallery Trip T4W4

Today we went for our second session at Te Tuhi.
We had to go to the art room and do some art about our Turangawaewae which is a place to stand.
It was cool because we got to do art about our culture and our whakapapa and do lots of pattern that represent us in someway also some stories that you heard about gods.Image result for turangawaewae
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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Michael Tūrangawaewae A place to stand Lesson 2

WAL:How artistes from New zealand were inspired by turangawaewae
This task was a te tuhi prep

It was very cool because I got to learn more about artistes that were inspired by turangawaewae and how they added culture into their painting and things that are important to them and their family.Also we got to learn about them when they were born and how they design their painting also some of the artistes like their painting big and some don't.But the thing I like about this is that they were expressing themselves through painting and their cultural

Tuakana teina

Today we had to go down too tuakana/teina. It was very cool we interacted with them and helped them finish their work off. We did candle art first which you have to light the candle and wait for the wax to drip on the paper and it was very hard because you had to control the thing but it kept going everywhere on my paper.I failed a few times but I got used to it.After that we had to clean up before we come back upstairs.After lunch we did art which is drawing a healthy person.Also write things that make a person healthy.Image result for tuakana teina
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Monday, 6 November 2017

Michael Tūrangawaewae A place to stand Lesson 1

IALT: Learn more about how I stand as a person
Today we had to finish our Te Tuhi prep for how next session this friday.
We had to do turangawaewae which means A place to stand.
We had to talk about where we were born and where we stand.
Also where our parents and grandparents stand to.
The thing I like about this is that you get to express yourself instead of hiding it away from others.
Also turangawaewae tells us more about yourself also gains more informations about yourself and others that you care about.
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