Friday, 20 October 2017

Rugby Reflection T4W1

Today we had rugby tournament and we were hyped to go to the tournament because we want to see how good the other teams are but their were only a few teams their which were Glen innes,Glen taylor,Glen bray and panmure bridge.
The first game we had was glen innes it was a great game but we beat them 35 to us and 0 to glen innes but some of them had good tackling but the boys managed to  defend and get the ball back to start attacking and score more tries.
Then we had 15 to 20 minutes to rest up.
The second game was challenging against glen bray but they were the only team that managed to score a try against us but we pulled out are great win.The score was 25 to 5.
Then we had rest again before we went to our next game.The third game was glen taylor which had some big boys too but we managed to come out with a glorious win the score was 15-0.
Then we had a bye which was 1 hour long which gave us time to rest up and eat and few drills.The fourth game was 
Panmure bridge.Which was a good game but we just kept scoring tries over them because we had the size advantage.We beat them by 55-0.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cure Kids -Michael

Today Room 10 participated in a kelly sports event to support cure kids.Cure kids is a foundation that finds out how to cure sickness and also diseases.That means that they help out a lot of people by finding what the cure is becuase they might be really sick.Also the money goes towards helping lots of people and kids.

An example of ways they support children's health is by finding out the cure and donating money to help fund treatment to get rid of the diseases or sickness.Also they look towards getting be that have bad diseases or sickness back on their feet and being active again.
The effect of their work will make others want to donate money to supports this foundation also it will affect the way how people think about  cure kids and how they act towards things like this.

Today we participated in kelly sports event.
The person I was with was allen and who worked with kelly sports to help cure kids.The first game we played was ball tiggy it was boys against girls he was fun because we got to run around and have lots of.The second was noodle hockey where he calls out a colour and they have to run and grab a noodle then try hit the ball in the others teams goal it was fun because it was hard and challenging to get the ball and to get the ball back.The third game we played was capture the flag where you have to run to the other side and still their cones then bring it back to your one but if you take a cone and the defend hit you on the leg with the noodle you have to put the cones back which make it even challenging because their is someone defending it. 
The effect of this is that they are trying to get more people to donate more money to help find cures to diseases and sickness.To find out more visit  -curekids
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Monday, 25 September 2017


IALT:How to cook sweet chilli chicken

Today  Rm9 and Rm10 went to technology in groups the group  the I was in was cooking we had lots of fun cooking sweet chilli chicken.Also we  had 2 drums each and  we had rice with it which made it even more better  topped with sweet chilli sauce.

What I love doing at cooking is cooking with my buddy because we have lots of fun cooking lots of differnt things.The  thing  I found challenging is cooking the chicken because you have to know when the chicken is cook also I had fun eating the food too also next week we won't be cooking anything because ms tuipulotu is going to a conference and we will have a reliever 

Step 1- 2 drum sticks ½ tsp,pepper,salt,mix herb,chilli sweet sauce
Step 2- Marinate  before  frying until fully cooked
sever it with  rice.
Image result for soy sauce and chicken
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Michael Election 2017 - Comparing Policies

WALT: compare and contrast prospective policies to form personal opinions.
This task was about the parties and who you would vote for. This task was very fun it was challenging but was good to know about what parties are good and which are not.Also I like the way how most parties are  thinking and wanting to change things like water they want people to pay because they take it for free and go and sell it. Image result for election
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Thursday, 21 September 2017


Dry  ingredients - Jam + cinnamon
Step1-1 ½ of S.R flour
Step2- ½ of sugar
Wet ingredients
Step1- ½ C of milk
Step2- ⅓ C of oil
Step 3- 1 egg
This was a cool cooking lesson today because we got to make make muffins.It was very challenging but it was fun  to make.The ingredients we used to make the muffins were strawberry jam,cinnamon,S.R flour,sugar,milk,oil and eggs.It's only talk 15 minutes for the muffins to cook and they tasted nice but the thing I liked about today was how we baked and used ingredients that we hardly use to bake.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Whakataukī o te wiki T3W9

WALT: Make personal connections to a given whakatauki.
This is my whakatauki that was given.
The Whakatauki was Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini
The english version was my strength is no that of a single warrior but that of many.
That means you are not strong by yourself you are strong with others.
For example like if  you had to go to war by yourself and fight 1000 other men you will die becuase it's only  you and you need others to help you.
This was very cool becuase this tells people that you are  not strong by yourself and you need others to help.For  example the all black's becuase  their strong as a team and they always work together to score tries and to get more points.
The thing I found challenging was to create you own quote but I managed and also I found lots of  things challenging Like this  means and other things .
Image result for challenging quotes
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

MOTAT Reflection Task

Today I had to do a reflection on motat and what we did their and what was the key  learning I got out of motat.Something I found challenging at motat was the game becuase we had to create a game and put objects and we had to make some changes because we had to make it challenging but not to hard and also not to easy becuase if it easy no one will play it and if it to hard people will get angry and not play it anymore.
The best thing at motat was getting to have fun with your friends and getting to learn new things and our differnt it was in the old  days.I liked it becuase we got to learn new thing and look at all sort of things that we hardly see.But when we walked into to one room we all ran to look  at things and after that we went to wait for the tram and it was fun at motat becuase we got to hang out with our friends and learn new things.
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