Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder Reflection

Today in the morning room 9,10,7 and 8  got ready to got to see the moive wonder in sylvia park hoyts because we have been reading the book for 2 terms so we can go watch the moive.

The thing that I enjoyed about the movie is that it  inspired others to think twice about judging other on what they look like because sometimes they good be fun like Auggie.

My favourite part in the moive was how Jack stood up for Auggie  when Julian was calling him a freak also how Auggie stood up for Jack when the 7th graders pushed him on the ground and he knocked his head on the rock.

The key message is never to judge someone on what they look like also not to look down on them because they look differnt and always be kind instead of being a bully.Also I learned if someo
ne different they still normal.

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